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Let There Be Light
(The Scottish Rite Hymn)
Lyrics by
Jesus M. Elbinias
Music by
George Canseco
We, Masons of the Scottish Rite
Whole mankind is our care,
When all 's assured of equal rights
Contention we'll foreswear;

We set our sight on the noblest height,
World progress is our aim;
Our goal's to guide man's thought to light
Free conscience to proclaim.

Let there be light for God and Right,  
For mind and might, for the Scottish Rite;
Through faith and feats to live and lead
This call and creed, all brethren heed!

Come, let us move the world to free
All poverty and blight;
All ignorance and bigotry,
Lead on, Grand Scottish Rite:

Fraternal plans in many lands,
We all abide steadfast;
Our glorious house not made with hands
In heaven there to last.

Repeat  (2) and (3), then to CODA

CODA:  Let there be light for the Scottish Rite,
              The Masonic way and might.